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What is Corsa?

Kodo has worked for Corsa as their partner in order to create a next generation event management system. The system handles registrations for events in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Kodo has been in an advisory role regarding choice of tech stack as well as brand creation. Corsa has also engaged Kodo for design and development of the product.

What we used

Serverless logo


Solution for auto-scaling apps on AWS

Prisma logo


Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM

GraphQL logo


Data query and manipulation language for APIs

React logo


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

Next logo


The React Framework

Typescript logo


Typed superset of Javascript

Vercel logo


Front-end hosting platform

Figma logo


Collaborative interface design tool

Management system

One of the main aspects of this project was to create a user-friendly interface for event holders to manage their events and registrations. Event organisers have a detailed overview as well as opportunities to maximise their revenue with a web store attached to their events.

Customer registration

All events can be viewed from the overview page and from there it is easy for users to register for events. The event holder can use their own logo and colours to link their event to their own brand. Attendees can easily buy tickets as well as manage their own registration no matter the device they are using for this purpose.


The Corsa logo represents movement and can be found in various elements of the Corsa brand and product. A simple yet stylistic shape creates opportunities to use it for various elements inside the Corsa product catalog. The word Corsa originates from Italian and means running or race.

Corsa Logo

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