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The project

We designed a website for the Reykjavik Sports Union, host of many sports events, including the legendary Reykjavik Marathon, which attracts up to 20,000 runners each year. The result was a flexible, reusable website for their many events and venues.

What we used

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A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

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Content Mangement System

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Typed superset of Javascript

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Cloud application platform

Our Goal

When we started working with Reykjavik Sports Union, they operated multiple websites running on a combination of technologies that was a hassle to work with and update.

We decided to create a reusable platform using Prismic for the backend. Using Prismic‘s excellent Slices feature, we were able to create a highly flexible website that would encompass all events.

One of the benefits is that all of the sites are run on the same codebase and using Heroku, we are able to push updates to all of the sites with a single deploy.

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