The project

Kards fuses the modern collectible card game with traditional World War 2 wargaming elements. With its great artwork, this project was super fun to work on and we think the end result came out great!

The tools

The Kards website has been through multiple iterations. When we launched the site, it was only available in a single language, but since then it has been translated to 7 languages. Using Prismic and Lingui, the translation process was simple and straightforward for the client.

The card collection and the deck builder have also seen continual improvements. Today, they include a powerful editor that allows players to create and share decks with the community.


The React Framework


Content Mangement System


Typed superset of Javascript


Multi language support


In-memory data structure store


Open source object-relational database


Cloud application platform


Front-end hosting platform

Our Goal

The goal for us was to bring that epic World War 2 aesthetic to the website in a fun and engaging way. We leaned heavily on the Greensock Animation Platform to help us achieve the smooth animations and transitions we needed to bring the page to life.

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