Lucinity uses Human AI to Make Money Good by continuously improving their customers productivity while fighting financial crime.


Our Goal

Lucinity approached us as they were working on a website that would showcase their product suite. Wireframes were in place and a beautiful design by Metall design studio was starting to come together. The goal was to build an MVP website within a challenging timeframe that we could iterate on and easily keep adding features to after the launch.

React logo


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

Prismic logo


Content Mangement System

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Typed superset of Javascript

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The React Framework

Results is powered by Next.js and Prismic. This combination gave us great performance and proved incredibly strong for the rapid and continuous development process of the project.

A big part of the design was a set of waves/swooshes that flow throughout the site and between sections. One of the technical challenges we faced was to make sure the waves would flow organically but in a subtle manner, all while ensuring consistent performance on all devices.

Together with the Lucinity team and Metall design studio we successfully launched a website that showcases their product suite and identity, right on time.

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