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The project

Reykjafell is a leading electrical wholesaler in Iceland offering complete solutions for all electrical and lighting needs. In this case, the client’s primary wishes included a robust connection and an accessible, high-quality product search for demanding clients. Designer Robert Einarsson was our collaborator in this project.

What we used

Prismic logo


Content Mangement System

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The React Framework

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

An enterprise resource planning system

Integrator logo


Integration solution for accounting systems

Typescript logo


Typed superset of Javascript

Vercel logo


Front-end hosting platform

Algolia logo


Flexible search & discovery hosted APIs

GraphQL logo


Data query and manipulation language for APIs

Our Goal

We set out to make a site that showcases Reykjafell's wide range of solutions in the field of electrical and lighting equipment and improves the shopping experience for their customers.

A great user experience, reliability and performance were among the key objectives, as well as implementing an integrator that continuously updates the information about stock availability in the warehouse. This gives the customer a perfect overview on what items are available at any given minute.

Together with designer Robert Einarsson, we revamped the Reykjafell website and online store, along with the customer system (My Pages) for their clients. By leveraging Prismic, a headless CMS, we made it easy for their content editors to create beautiful, rich marketing pages that can seamlessly incorporate their range of products. Modern day conditions demand a scalable web, especially since a large portion of the busy electrical client base has to rely on their mobile phones or tablets to search and order directly.

Technicalities is powered by Next.js and React, for great performance and rapid feature development.

We have multiple sources of data all coming together neatly in the front end. There are the marketing and content pages authored in the Prismic headless CMS system, the product data coming from Integrator, and for the client customer area we have invoices and billing data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Finally we have a powerful and flexible search powered by Algolia.

We utilize GraphQL, our favorite query language for our APIs, making all of our backend systems completely agnostic to the front-end.


A fantastic new web shop featuring a top of the line search feature connected to a real time inventory system. This site is truly raising the bar for anybody with serious business intentions on the web. The well prepared launch proved the right thing to do, resulting in an almost flawless 1st business day with sales skyrocketing.

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